Access Control for Companies with multiple locations distributed


GateApp is CLOUD Management Software specifically designed for the management of realities that have multiple offices distributed throughout the territory. The architecture was designed for companies that have branches located in multiple countries around the world, and each user will be able to consult the same data visible to all the other offices but in their own language and time zone. Assume that PAUL BROWN leaves the turnstile of the London branch at 10.05 am, takes the plane and arrives at the Milan branch, enters the turnstile at 15.30 local time, obviously the reader on the turnstile of the Milan office will provide communications in the language English recognizing that the user's language is English. While the London personnel office consulting the management will see the interface and the transits in their own language despite being PAUL BROWN in Milan, therefore it will see the entrance to the Milan office at 2.30 pm (London time zone), while the office the staff of the Milan office will see the exit from the London office at 11.05 am and the entrance at 15.30 in Milan all in Italian language.




GateApp being a Management Software in CLOUD allows Operators and Users to access with their credentials from a Windows, Mac or Linux desktop computer but also from Mobile devices such as Tablet and Phone. Each System User can consult data and information on the basis of their operating level. The GateApp Management Software is widely used for the management of Gym Networks with thousands of Users.



Sectors of Application
Personal Training & Coaching
Gym & Fitness Club
Swimming Pool
SPA & Wellness Center
Dancing School
Golf & Tennis Club
Private Club
Physiotherapy Center
Medical Clinic
Office & Employ Access Control
Building sites Access Control
Museum, Fair, Exposition
Marketing & Fidelity Circuit
Services for Managers
Plant Managing Software
Control Access Systems
Subscription Managing
Payment Accounting
MoneyCard Credits
Online Coaching
Service Booking
Activity Planning
Club Social Network


Services for Users
Training Software
Nutrition Programs
Electronic Credit Purse 
App Mobile